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Do-It-Yourself : First Aid

First Aid is the immediate treatment given to the victim of an accident or sudden illness, before medical help is obtained. The main aims of First Aid are to preserve life, promote recovery and prevent the worsening of the victim's condition.A rescuer should "Make Haste Slowly". He or she should reach the accident spot quickly be calm, methodical and quick. The rescuer should:

     Examine the victim to know the details of injuries and check for conditions such as:

        Failure of breathing
        Severe bleeding
        Shock and if so, is it mild or severe

     Offer appropriate First Aid

     Arrange for the casualty to be seen by a qualified doctor or shift him/her to hospital.

Shock is one of the conditions that most often require immediate first aid. It is a condition of collapse, and can be due to bleeding, heart attack, injury, burns and other medical emergencies. As part of First Aid in shock management:

  • Reassure the patient if the patient is conscious.

  • Place the patient comfortably on his back. Except in cases of injury to the head, chest or abdomen, lower the head slightly and turn to one side. In case of vomiting, place in three-quarter back up position.

  • Loosen tight clothing.

  • Wrap in light bedsheet or a thin rug.

  • Never use hot water bottles or very warm rugs. Do not rub any part of the body with anything.

  • Do not administer anything by mouth especially in cases of injuries to the chest or abdomen, as an operation may be required soon.

  • If the patient is conscious and there is no injury to the chest or abdomen, give a little water, hot coffee or tea.

  • Transport the patient quickly to the hospital.

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