Make sure your absence doesn’t hinder the financial security of your family.
Protect them with ICICI Pru iCare Term Insurance Plan.
Frequently Asked Questions

We provide insurance on the principle of utmost good faith assuming that you have filled in the healt h details correctly. The details required from a medical test are translated into simple health questions in the form you need to fill. Policy will be issued after evaluation of health questions answered by you.

The premium amount required to pay for ICICI iCare remains fixed throughout the term of the insurance. Also we do not increase the rates for smokers or for individuals with minor health problems. This is because we calculate premium based on your age and annual income; no additional criteria.

We offer a simple online process to help you insure your family instantly. No medical checkups or follow up with agents. 

We offer you the option of getting an additional death benefit equal to Sum Assured or Rs. 50 lakhs, whichever is lower, payable only in case of death due to accident.