FAQs – Nominations

What is nomination and who is a nominee?

Nomination is the right to appoint a person(s) to receive the policy benefits in case of an unfortunate event. If you are 18 years and above, and insured under a life insurance policy as a policyholder, you have the right to make a nomination. A policyholder is the person in whose name the insurance policy is taken.

The person(s) appointed by you during nomination is called the Nominee(s).

Can I change my nomination?

Yes, you can change your nomination at any time before the Maturity Date**. All you need to do is inform us about the change by filling the specified form.

**Maturity Date is the date on which the term of the insurance policy ends and the benefits under the policy are payable by the insurer.

What details do I need to provide about the nominee(s)?

While filling your life insurance policy application, you need to specify the full name, address and age of the nominee along with his or her relationship with you.