India is the world’s fastest growing economy1 and it is a matter of pride for us all to belong to this great nation. The progress of our country can be seen in many aspects of life.



All around us, there are clear signs of development – from metro railways, high-rise buildings, 24x7 online shopping to 4G internet speeds.



Equally exciting are the growing job opportunities, both in urban and rural India, resulting in higher standards of living and aspiration for further growth.



We are moving towards a more progressive and forward-looking way of life, but at the same time we are attached to our traditional roots. We always want the best features in one platter and choose crossovers in every aspect of our lives, be it our own ‘Desi’ Chinese food or crossover cars to suit our needs.

This is also applicable for the way we manage our finances. We want our money to grow, but as traditional savers, we are protective and want its maximum security.



At ICICI Prudential Life, we understand that you want to keep your hard-earned money safe, but at the same time, desire high growth for making yours and your family’s dreams come true. Now introducing a revolutionary new crossover product – ICICI Pru Future Perfect.This non-linked insurance plan guarantees a safe journey towards rising future. This plan neatly packages the benefits of life cover along with safety and growth, in one simple solution.

Let’s look at some of the major benefits of this plan:

  Life cover to protect your loved ones in your absence.

  Capital protection to ensure your investment is safe.

  Guaranteed additions# and bonuses^ offered from the very first year by the company.

  Tax benefits to help you save more.


To know more about ICICI Pru Future Perfect , click here. (Article dated June 1, 2016, for FY16)



^Additional bonus: includes Reversionary bonuses which may be declared every financial year and will accrue to the policy if it is premium paying or fully paid. Reversionary bonus once declared is guaranteed and will be paid out at maturity or on earlier death. A terminal bonus if any, may also be payable at maturity or on earlier death. Guaranteed benefits are available only if all premiums are paid as per the premium payment term; the policy is inforce till the completion of entire policy term.

#Guaranteed Additions will accrue to the policy throughout the policy term on payment of premiums and it varies as per the premium payment term. Guaranteed Additions (GAs) are as a percentage of annualized premium.

i) During PPT: GA will accrue on premium payment*

ii) After PPT: GA will accrue at the beginning of policy year

where * is “for monthly premium frequency, 1/12th times GA will be accrued every month on premium payment. For half yearly premium frequency, 0.5 times GA will be accrued on premium payment.”

Tax : Tax benefits under the policy are subject to conditions under provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Applicable taxes will be charged as per applicable rates. Tax laws are subject to amendments from time to time.

Advt No. - L/II/0655/2016-17

ICICI Pru Future Perfect - UIN: 105N153V01

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