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Life Insurance App

Buy, control and renew your policies anytime.

Wherever you go, we will be there for you!

Our state-of-the-art mobile app gives you complete control of your insurance policies. Gone are those days of having to visit an office or print paper policy documents. Everything you need is now in the palm of your hand. Download the app today to pay premium, download statements, file claims, buy new policies and much more!

A few taps on the App can give you so much!

All your policies in one place

Access and monitor all your life insurance policies 24x7. You can track fund performance, check fund value, view, email or share your policy documents through the mobile app.

Premium Payment is thumbs play

We made it easy to pay premium through the app. All gets done in a few seconds with zero hassles! You can choose from a wide range of premium payment options and set your preferred mode so that next time the payment happens even quicker!

Buy new plans

Our mobile app is designed by humans for humans. We take extra care to give you a great experience while browsing through our plans. You can take free premium quotations and proceed to buy any of our plans in simple steps.

Track your Policy Applications

Get real time updates on the status of your applications. You can submit your income proofs and other documents through the app in few seconds.

Claims assistance for you

Get answers to all your questions about Claims in our app.

Update Contact Information

You can edit personal and contact information in a jiffy. No paperwork and no need to visit a branch or call an agent.

Speak with an expert

Get instant connection with our insurance experts through the mobile app

Virtual Assistant

Ligo is our virtual assistant in your pocket. Ask him questions about your policy, new plans and much more. Just Ask Ligo.

Customer Reviews

One stop for all ur questions

"I like how all policies are clubbed together. Payment - checking units - fund performance etc is all here in one app. So that’s good.."

Easy to use

"Now, I can pay premium directly. Easy to use. Look and feel is totally different then the previous application from ICICI. Great job."

Great experience

"Better user experience, easy to use, more functionality like pay premium easily and watch statements directly. Thank you ICICI prudential."

Awesome app

"UI is very friendly & Navigation is seamlessly smooth. Especially Pay premium, My policy and Branch locator features. "

Nice & Friendly app

"This is a good initiative by bank..now i can manage my insurance related stuff on my mobile..Easy navigation n friendly app..👍🏻"

Frequenly Asked Questions

Download the ICICI Prulife mobile app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, log in with your registered email ID, go to Statements and click on Download

Yes, you can register with your email ID and phone number to buy a new life insurance policy from ICICI Prulife mobile app.

Log into ICICI Prulife mobile app with your registered email ID, go to Pay Premium, select your policy and click on Pay Now to complete the payment.

Log into ICICI Prulife mobile app with your registered email ID, go to Fund Value and select your policy to check the fund value



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