Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR has been a long-standing commitment at the ICICI Group and forms an integral part of the Company’s activities. The Group’s contribution to social sector development includes several pioneering interventions and is implemented through the involvement of stakeholders within the Company, the Group and the broader community. ICICI Prudential Life’s CSR objective is to proactively support meaningful socio-economic development in India and enable a larger number of people to participate in and benefit from India’s economic progress. This is based on the belief that growth and development are effective only when they result in wider access to opportunities and benefit a broader section of society.

The Company’s CSR activities are primarily focused in the areas of education, health, skill development and sustainable livelihood, financial inclusion, capacity building for CSR and other activities as the Company may choose to support in fulfiling its CSR objectives. The Company supports programs and initiatives keeping “protection” as the core proposition and cornerstone of all its CSR initiatives since “protection” is core to the Company’s business.

The CSR policy of the Company sets the framework guiding the Company’s CSR activities. The CSR committee is the governing body that articulates the scope of CSR activities and ensures compliance with the CSR policy.

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