Fraud Prevention Tips

Tips to safeguard yourself against life insurance fraud

Keep these pointers in mind to ensure the money in your insurance policy is always secure

Read the product brochure thoroughly or visit to know about the features and benefits before you buy the plan
Verify the details in policy documents that are sent to you. Make sure that the product features are the same that were explained to you when you were purchasing it.
Check the copy of application form to confirm you have provided the correct personal information. You can inform us about incorrect information by calling on
1-860-266-7766, writing to or visiting your nearest ICICI Prudential Life Insurance branch.
Keep your policy documents in a secure place and inform your family members about it. You can consider storing your policy in Electronic Insurance Account. An Electronic Insurance Account converts your paper policy documents to electronic form to ensure you have access to all your life insurance policies in one place.
Report any unauthorised transaction communication received through SMS/Email/Letter to us immediately.
Keep us updated if you change your mobile number or email ID. This will help you keep a track of all transactions made for your policy.
Always mention your policy number when you make your premium payment through cheque.

Remember to never do any of these things

Never submit original documents like PAN card, driving license, passport, etc. to unknown persons. We will never require you to submit your original documents for any of our transactions.
It is recommended that you pay your premiums through our Website, Electronic Clearance System (ECS) or through standing instructions to your bank. Electronic Clearance System or ECS is the mode to transfer your money electronically from one bank account to another. It can be used for debit and credit purposes. If you wish to make premium payments, we recommend you to do so only at an authorized ICICI Prudential Life Insurance branch or at our collection centers. To locate our nearest authorized branch or collection center, please click here.
Never issue blank cheques for any financial transaction.
Never share your website user ID, password, etc. with anyone (including ICICI Prudential Life Insurance officials).
Do not respond to callers or mailers that seem suspicious. These may pose to be representatives of the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) or ICICI Prudential Life Insurance and may mislead you to make additional payments (over and above your premium amount) by promising you high rewards and bonus on your existing insurance policy.

We at ICICI Prudential Life, strongly believe in keeping all your transactions secure and transparent. To ensure your money stays protected under your policy, beware of some of the following common fraudulent practices:

Cash/Cheque related frauds

Beware of requests to hand over your premium payments to a person that claims to be a representative of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance. You can take the following steps to verify a person while making payments:

  • Ask for an ID card that identifies the person as a representative of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance and request details of the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI)/company license.

  • Ask for the contact details such as address and phone number, especially if you received a call regarding a product or an offer.

Double-check with the IRDAI website to verify the details of brokers and use the 'Agent Locator' feature on the IRDAI website to verify the details provided by the agent.

Signature forgery/Incorrect details

Once you receive your policy document, please validate your signatures in the application form/CDF.

Beware of forged signatures on your insurance application form/other documents submitted to the insurance company. Also, watch out for incorrect personal details like date of birth, contact details, etc.


Unauthorized transactions

Beware of any communication that you may receive about a transaction for your policy, or change in contact details that have not been approved by you. Financial transactions may include:

  • Fund switch (Transfer of your money between equity and debt funds of your choice)

  • Premium redirection (Future allocation of premiums in chosen funds, while the previous investment keeps growing)

  • Partial withdrawals (withdrawal of a specific amount from the invested amount in case of emergencies)

  • Top-ups (increase of existing investment if you have some extra money to add)

Spurious Calls

Beware of any phone calls that you may receive, promising rewards or bonuses on surrender of your insurance policy.

Non-disclosure & misrepresentation

Please ensure you disclose all material information and do not suppress any fact which may impact the decision of the insurer to offer insurance cover.

Please note: The Company may consider taking legal action against the Proposer or Life assured, depending on the severity of the fraud, misrepresentation, false statement and/or incomplete statement made for making personal gains.

We have built numerous channels using which you can report frauds to us. You can:

  • Call our toll-free number: 1860 - 266 - 7766
  • Write to us at from your registered email id.
  • Visit our nearest ICICI Prudential Life Insurance branch. Click here to locate the nearest branch around you.

Provide these details in your written complaint for quicker action against fraudsters:

Details of the fraudster

Name, contact details, company that he/she was representing and any other relevant information that you may have noticed.

Physical proof

Any documents given to you by the fraudster like visiting card, receipt, etc.

Transaction details

SMS or email that you may have received for any transaction that was not approved by you. Please share details such as sender’s ID, content of SMS/email and date of receiving the communication. We will look into the matter and provide you with a suitable solution.

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