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What is 'Top-up'?

Top-up is a convenient option that allows you to invest your surplus money, either once or multiple times in your existing policy. This can give you the potential to grow your wealth further.

Top-up requests are processed as follows:

  • You can make a Top-up any time during the term of the policy#, as long as all due premiums have been paid.
  • For the Top-up request made before 3:00 pm on a working day, the Net Asset Value (NAV)* declared on the same day will be applicable. If the request is received after 3:00 pm, the NAV declared on the next working day will be applicable.
  • If you make a Top-up request after 3:00 pm on a Friday or a holiday, the NAV declared on Monday or the next working day would be applicable (provided the following Monday is a working day).
  • If you make a Top-up payment after 3:00 pm, the Top-up details in the PPC will be available the next day.

* Net Asset Value (NAV) is the price at which the units of a fund (equity or debt or balanced) are purchased.

# In some plans, the Top-up premiums can be paid any time during the term of the policy, except for the last five years. Please refer to the policy terms and conditions for more details.


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