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The story of our growth rests on the 3 pillars of sustainable development – Economy, Ecology and Equity. Growth in our Company is not measured by just our contribution to the country’s GDP but also through our work for equity and development of society and the environment. Through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects over the years, we have touched over 1.8 million lives with a total contribution of over `1.92 billion.


Chhering Chodon - Member of Spiti Rangelands Livelihood Programme at Nature Conservation Foundation

“Shen (a programme between NCF and ICICI Prudential Life) gave me an opportunity to earn some money, provided me training but most importantly, it exposed me to the world beyond Spiti. I participated in the Dastkar exhibition in Delhi and interacted with so many people who visited our stall from different parts of the country and shared stories. They encouraged us to continue working. It felt great! All this happened because of Shen. I realised that Shen is not just about earning more money. The people who come to buy our products also want to know our story and how we are helping conserve the pastures around our village. We are more motivated now.”

Suhridam Roy - Ph.D student at Nature Conservation Foundation

“For the last two years, the support from ICICI Prudential Life Insurance has been crucial in developing the project, which is novel in every aspect and aspires to tackle several unanswered questions regarding animal vocalisation. The financial security they provided me helped me focus more on the most important aspect of Ph.D learning. These learnings are not only in terms of subject knowledge but also in capacity development as a manager, communicator, and writer. I take this opportunity to thank ICICI Prudential Life Insurance for its generous support so far. This support has helped me grow as a researcher and develop a novel research project.”

Sudarshan Suchi - Secretary General, SOS Children’s Villages of India

“ICICI Prudential Life Insurance and SOS Children’s Villages of India have been partners in social change for almost three years. Words cannot express how important this partnership of social change is. This relationship of consciousness has helped SOS India in transforming the lives of 26 abandoned children in villages around Raipur and Visakhapatnam. Support by ICICI Prudential Life Insurance has given us the necessary resources to bridge the gap in provisions and to alleviate the plight of parentless and abandoned children under our care. Thanks to everyone at ICICI Prudential Life Insurance for being an incredible source of strength to a significant cause.”

Anandhi Yagnaraman - CEO, Catalysts for Social Action

“ICICI Prudential Life Insurance’s CSR partnership with Catalyst for Social Action goes back a long way. Our work in Madhya Pradesh began with their support. We were able to influence the lives of hundreds of children living in childcare institutions in the areas of improving their health, hygiene, nutrition, education and livelihoods. Today, we can proudly say we have brought in a long-lasting change in the lives of these children under institutional care with this partnership. Many of our children are skilled, employed, and can lead an independent life. ICICI Prudential Life and Catalyst of Social Action have shared a unique collaboration of trust over the years, and we have been fortunate to have a partner who patiently walked every step along the way with our children and with us.”

Dr. Vinit Samant, Tata Memorial Hospital

"We write to you to express our gratitude for being of great support to us and our patients during the past 5 years and especially during the pandemic.

While the world battled the pandemic at various fronts, we, at Tata Memorial Hospital too braced ourselves to face a dual battle with Covid Disease as well as Cancer. With disruption of healthcare services all over, we realised that it was important for us to continue providing cancer treatment services to our patients irrespective of their Covid status.

Amidst the other challenges, one of the most critical challenges faced by patients is the financial burden of disease (patient care and treatment). This challenge was accentuated during the pandemic for known reasons. In these testing times, the CSR Fund from ICICI Prudential Life of Rs. 2 crore helped TMH provide seamless treatment to our patients. Assistance was provided to more than 200 adolescent cancer patients (male and female), aged 0 to 21 years. We again thank the CSR Team of ICICI Prudential Life and its stakeholders who have stood by us relentlessly for the past 5 years."

Dr. Bijal Mehta, Trustee, Shrimad Rajchandra Sarvamangal Trust

“Shrimad Rajchandra Sarvamangal Trust extends its heartfelt gratitude to ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Limited for supporting the charitable activities of Shrimad Rajchandra Hospital, our healthcare initiative. Your kind support, specifically for the treatment of critically ill premature or low birth weight babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of our hospital including babies needing major surgeries, is most warmly appreciated. This has helped save the lives of many babies and we are very grateful to you for the immense compassion demonstrated by your organisation. Thank you for joining hands with us year after year in the true spirit of partnership to support some of the most marginalised sections of our community."

Pooja Taparia, Founder and Chief Executive, Arpan

“We are glad to have ICICI Prudential Life supporting us especially in a tough year like FY20-21. It is so important to have continued support from funders like ICICI Prudential Life which has enabled us to reach hundreds of children over the years with messages of personal safety and empower parents and teachers to provide a safe environment for them. A funder is a key stakeholder in the crusade against an often ignored issue like Child Sexual Abuse. They not only fund programmes that show results in preventing it but also inspire and connect others to the cause. It is our collective responsibility to ensure our children are protected from Sexual Abuse and we hope that ICICI Prudential Life can continue to support us in our effort to prevent and address it.”

Jyoti Netam - SOS Children’s Village of Raipur, Family Home 13

Jyoti was brought into SOS India Raipur's home at the age of five. After scoring a commendable 80% in her class XII examinations, she is currently pursuing her diploma in Mechatronics and is learning spoken English. A current affairs buff and an avid painter, Jyoti loves playing kabaddi, volleyball and dabbles in chess too. After her degree, she dreams of being a corporate professional and keep all her hobbies alive.

Hari Prasad Sampara - SOS Children’s Village of Vishakhapatnam, Family Home 2

Hari is young, intelligent, and mature beyond 21 years of age. In just one meeting, one can understand that he is respectful, soft-spoken, and cares deeply for his loved ones. He is currently pursuing his B.Sc. in agriculture at Rai Institute of Technology, Bangalore. He loves to read – especially comic books and dreams of doing a master's in agriculture.

Aarti Mandloi - Programme Asha in partnership with Catalysts for Social Action (CSA)

Aarti was brought to CSA at the age of 13 as her father had health issues and her mother was a daily wage labourer with 4 younger kids to look after. Growing up, she was sincere, hardworking and performed exceedingly well, scoring 72% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology in her class XII examinations. She is currently pursuing a B.Sc. Nursing course and is keen to enroll for higher studies i.e., M.Sc. in Nursing.

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