Wealth insurance ensures that you receive a lump sum amount of money at the maturity of the Policy. In the unfortunate event of death during the term of the policy, your family receives lump sum amount, called the Sum Assured. Thus it combines the benefits of protection and saving in a single instrument.

Why wealth plans?

As an individual who doesn't desire the best from life? You would undoubtedly want to plan your finances such that you can achieve all your goals - a car, a beautiful home and of course, the comfort and contentment of your family. All of these goals are long term in nature. Wealth insurance plans have been designed to ensure that you can save for these long term goals along with the benefit of life cover and provide protection to your family.

Benefits of wealth insurance

  • Regular savings: Insurance inculcates the habit of regular and disciplined savings, which is the key to successful long term financial planning. Pay your premiums regularly and enjoy the uninterrupted benefits of wealth insurance.
  • Protection: Wealth insurance provides the protective benefit of a life cover, which keeps your family secure, always.
  • Tax benefits: Apart from protection and savings, wealth insurance plans also offer tax benefits as per prevailing tax laws.

How much savings do I need?

Please consult a financial planner for the same. You can also visit our website www.iciciprulife.com and using the Savings Calculator to know the amount needed for saving. You can also send a request you ICICI Prudential to send a financial advisor to your place to help you understand wealth plans better.

Why should I start planning my wealth savings now?

  • Savings need to be started at the earliest so that you can enjoy the benefits of long term planning.
  • Unfortunate events do not knock your door when they come. Hence, it is better to be prepared and ensure that the financial needs of your loved ones are taken care of, in the unfortunate event of your death.
  • The earlier you start planning with wealth insurance, the earlier the goals of your life can be attained.


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