Single Online Account for Banking & Life Insurance


A single online account for banking and life insurance!

You don’t have to remember multiple user ids and passwords now. Link your ICICI Prudential Life policy to your ICICI Netbanking account to view & manage your policies from the ICICI Netbanking account.


Steps to link your policy

  • Login to with your net banking account
  • Visit the life insurance section
  • Submit your active ICICI Prudential life policy number(s)

All active policies will be linked after the successful verification of customer details.


The following features will be available once the policy is linked:


Policy Information
Policy information
Fund value, Life Cover, premium details, etc.

Switch and Top-up


Premium Payment
Premium payment

Renewal premium payment, policy revival (even with Provider Dispute Resolution (PDR) submission)


1. I am unable to see my policy in my logged-in section after placing the request with ICICI Bank

You can check the request (SR) status on ICICI Bank net banking by using the "Track your service request option". For every request for linkage and linkage declined, ICICI Bank sends an SMS/email informing the status along with the reasons.

Reasons for linkage request declined:

  • Customer name and date of birth (DOB) in ICICI Bank does not match with ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
  • Policy submitted for linkage is either Group Superannuation, Key-man policy or policy bought by HUF (Hindu Undivided Family)
  • The customer has placed a linkage request for the Current account/Youngstar account/HUF account/Roaming current account.


2. In the case of a joint bank account, can I place a request for linking policy to the secondary holder in a joint account with ICICI Bank?

In a joint bank account, there is a primary holder and a secondary holder. On policy linkage requests, the details of the policy owner will be matched with the details of the primary account holder. Hence if the policy belongs to the secondary account holder, the same will not be linked


3. Can I place a request to link my ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Policies with a Demat account having an ICICI Bank net banking id?

Policies cannot be linked to a standalone Demat infinity ID if it is not having an active saving account linked. For details, you can contact the ICICI Bank call centre for guidance


4. What type of policies can I link to my ICICI Bank net banking user ID?

All policies bought from ICICI Prudential Life Insurance can be linked using this functionality except for Policies bought by HUF, Keyman policies, and Group superannuation policies.


5. When I link my policies to my ICICI Bank net banking user ID, will the user ID and password at still be active?

Yes, the user ID and the password of ICICI Prudential's website will still be active.


6. Can I place the request through ICICI bank/ICICI Prudential branch for linking my policies?

No, currently, you can place the request through ICICI Bank net banking (ICICI Bank website only. You cannot place a request with ICICI Prudential (not even on the ICICI Pru website).


7. Can I place a request for the de-linking of the policy?

Yes, the request can be placed at any of the ICICI Bank branches


8. Can I link the policies in the name of my spouse, relatives, or children?

No, you cannot link the policies in the name of your spouse and children. Only policies where the ICICI bank holder and policyholder are the same can be linked through that respective ICICI Bank ICICI Bank net banking.


9. I am not able to view some of my policy details

Currently, only the following details are shown for linked policies. For more information, chat with us on or call us on 1860 266 7766


  • Policy name
  • Premium due date
  • Premium due amount





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