What is Life Insurance and how is it helpful?

Safeguarding your family’s future is a must, particularly if you are the only or primary breadwinner in the household. Life insurance is what keeps your family safe and sound even when you are not around. Life insurance provides a protective financial cover for you and your loved ones. It ensures that you and your dear ones always get financial support. Broadly speaking, Life Insurance can be divided into several types which are tailored for a variety of needs:

Why is life insurance a crucial part of any sound financial plan?

What are the advantages of Life Insurance?

There are various benefits of having a life insurance cover.

How are life insurance plans suitable for your needs?

Life insurance fills financial gaps that exist in your lives. As an all-rounder product, life insurance can take care of your different financial needs at different stages of life. All you have to do is identify the need, and there is a suitable life insurance plan for you.

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# In ULIPS, the investment risk in the investment portfolio is borne by the policyholder

^ Tax benefits under the respective policies are subject to conditions under Section 80C, 80D, 10(10D) and provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Goods and Services Tax and Cesses, if any, will be charged extra as per prevailing rates. Tax laws are subject to amendments made thereto from time to time.

* assumed rate of return. For the purpose of illustration, the Company has assumed 8% and 4% as rates of investment returns. The returns shown in the illustration are not guaranteed and they are not the upper or lower limits that you may get. As the value of the policy depends on a number of factors including future investment performance