What are annuities?

Annuities are types of plans where you make a lump sum payment and get a regular income for a certain period of time or for life. This enables you to fulfil your post-retirement dreams and maintain your current lifestyle even after retirement.

What are the different types of annuities?

There are primarily two types of annuities. They are:

Immediate annuity

This is a type of annuity plan that provides you with a guaranteed1 regular income immediately after you pay the lump sum premium. If you are nearing retirement and above 58 years of age, this plan can be beneficial.

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Deferred annuity

In a deferred annuity plan, your income starts at a later date and you can choose when you want the income to start. If you still have a few years before you retire and are between 45 and 58 years old, this type of annuity may be beneficial for you.



Annuities can be of the below two types based on the type of income you receive:

Fixed Annuity

This type of annuity does not get affected by market fluctuations, hence your income is a fixed and guaranteed1 amount. This amount is pre-decided by you at the time of purchase of the policy.

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Variable Annuity

In a variable annuity plan, your premiums are invested in instruments, such as mutual funds or equities. Payments from such plans depend on the performance of the fund your money is invested in. If the fund performs well, you will get greater returns and vice versa.

How do different types of annuities work?

You can also customise the annuity plan as per your needs. Below are the various options available in an annuity plan:

  • Life annuity:

    In this option, you receive annuity for life. The frequency of payments is usually pre-decided by you at the time of the purchase of the policy. This provides a stable source of income during retirement.
  • Joint life annuity:

    This is similar to a life annuity. In this option, you receive annuity payments for life. In your absence, your spouse continues to receive annuity payments for life.
  • Life annuity with return of purchase price:

    This provides you annuity payments for life. In case of an unfortunate event, your loved ones will receive the amount you paid at the time of the purchase of the policy.
  • Annuity payable for a pre-decided term:

    This provides you the option to choose the duration for which you would want to receive annuity payments. The period can be 5 years, 10 years, or more. This is decided at the time of purchase of the policy. In case of an unfortunate event during the tenure of the policy, the annuity payments are made to your loved ones.

    It is important to evaluate the various options provided by an annuity plan and choose the plan that best suits your retirement needs.



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1 Annuity will be payable in arrears. The frequency of annuity payments can be monthly, half-yearly, quarterly or annually as chosen by the annuitant at the time of purchasing the annuity. The annuity amount chosen at policy inception is guaranteed for life.


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