During your earning years, you have worked hard and built a life for yourself and your family. A life full of dreams, achievements and happiness.

As you near retirement, you may have a new set of dreams that you would want to fulfil post retirement. You may want to spend quality time with your loved ones or set out to experience new things in life. Retirement is a great time to pursue the things you love – your hobbies and your passions. It is also important to ensure that you plan your finances well so that you can fulfil your post-retirement dreams.

Below is a list of things you may want to consider doing after retirement:


Travelling helps you experience new places and meet new people. You can travel to new countries, experience nature retreats, beach villas, spiritual cafes, farms, countryside, and more. This will help you explore new landscapes, cuisines, cultures, and more. A suitable pension plan can help cover the costs of travel and make it easy on your pocket.

Pursuing your hobby

You may have hobbies such as gardening, cooking, photography, writing or more. Retirement is a time when you can pursue your hobby to its fullest extent. Pursuing your hobby will give you joy and make retirement exciting. You may even consider starting a venture driven by your hobby. This can provide you with an additional income during your retirement.

Life coach/mentor

You have decades of experience, both in your personal and professional life. You can become a life coach/mentor and guide others in achieving their personal and professional goals. For example, if you are an ex-athlete, you can coach current or aspiring athletes and help them with the nuances of a particular sport.

Tutor for students

You can pick a subject of your interest and consider offering personalised tuition to students. You can choose academic subjects, like mathematics or non-academic ones, like cooking. You can also choose to tutor offline and online, both. With your experience, identifying the right approach to tutor any student can come easily. You will also be able to impart various skills amongst your students that will help them later in their career and life.

Social work/Pro bono work

You may want to give back to society by doing volunteer or pro bono work. There are several NGOs and young businesses that are trying to bring change to the world by driving various social causes. You may choose to join them or start your own. You may also opt to donate to a charity, volunteer at orphanages, and more.


Any form of art like painting, singing, playing a musical instrument, and more can stimulate the mind and be a fulfilling experience. You can choose to take up a class and learn the art form that you always wanted to. You can also get together with friends and enjoy karaoke. This can be a great weekend routine to follow.

Lifestyle activities

Lifestyle activities like horse riding, baking, pottery, and other similar ones can be fun and exciting. These can help you learn new skills and can provide you with a satisfying experience. A suitable pension plan can help you cover the costs of these activities.

Sports and fitness

Sports and fitness-related activities can help you stay fit and active during retirement. You can consider going for a walk every morning with your loved ones. You can also pick a sport like badminton, squash, golf, and more as per your interest.


You can go out to a theatre, visit art galleries, attend concerts and live performances, and more. You may choose to explore various forms of entertainment, such as dance, music, theatrical shows, sports, and more basis your interest.


Every retirement is unique. You can plan your retirement the way you want it to be. To ensure that you are financially prepared to fulfil your post-retirement dreams, you may consider investing in a pension plan. Look for a plan that provides you with risk-free, guaranteed returns for life. This will help you live your retirement on your own terms.

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