Purchasing life insurance after a heart attack

Life insurance is a crucial financial product that can ensure your peace of mind and take care of the security of your family in your absence. However, as it is commonly known, the ability to buy life insurance depends on many factors, such as your age, medical conditions, lifestyle habits, and more such factors. If you have a pre-existing illness, such as hypertension, diabetes, or any such critical illness, the insurance company may charge you a high premium or refuse to sell you a plan altogether. The chances of buying life insurance in the case of heart issues are even bleak.

Therefore, if you have suffered from a heart attack, life insurance will be tougher for you to purchase as opposed to other applicants. Understanding the following things can help you pick a plan as per your needs.

Factors you need to consider while buying insurance after a heart attack

If you have had a heart attack, life insurance providers will ask you for the following information:

  • Age: The first question would ideally be on the age when you had a heart attack. This will help the insurance provider determine your health condition and suitability to buy a plan. If you suffered from the ailment in your 30s, your chances of getting an insurance policy would be considerably low as opposed to suffering from the condition at a later stage in your life
  • Severity: The severity and impact of the heart attack on your health will play a vital role in the process of buying life insurance. If the condition had any long-lasting and serious repercussions on your health, you may find it hard to get a life insurance plan
  • Diabetic issues: The combination of diabetes and heart attack can significantly reduce your chances of buying a life insurance plan. In such a case, the insurance provider may refuse to insure you

Here’s how you can get the right rates on life insurance after a heart attack

In order to improve your chances of getting life insurance after a heart attack,you can refer to the following pointers:

  • Follow the guidelines provided by the doctor: If you listen to your doctor and maintain your vitals post the heart attack, you will be able to ensure better overall health. This will work in your favour when you go to an insurance provider
  • Manage weight as it influences life insurance premiums: Overweight or obese applicants are more susceptible to falling sick. This can be further detrimental in the case of heart patients. Keeping your weight in check will not only help you in buying a life insurance plan but will also offer you lower premiums
  • Change eating habits: Simple things like eating a controlled and balanced diet will keep you healthy and active. As long as you eat good food, your health parameters will also remain stable. This will leave no room for speculation for the insurer
  • Quit smoking: Lifestyle habits like smoking, consuming tobacco, and drinking alcohol, can negatively affect your health. These habits also put more strain on your heart. It is advisable to refrain from them to ensure good health and increase your chances of buying a suitable insurance policy
  • Once approved, lock in coverage for as long as you can: If you have followed the steps mentioned above and found yourself a good policy, make sure to pick a comprehensive coverage and a long policy term. Since the prospects of purchasing life insurance plans diminish with age and rising health issues, it is better to buy a suitable plan when you can and avail benefits later

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