What are Rural Plans?

Rural Plans are life insurance solutions that aim to give every Indian an opportunity to live his/her life with the protection of a Life Cover and the benefit of increased savings for his/her future. With Life Cover at low premiums, our rural plans are crafted to meet the requirements of people from any part of the country.


Explore our Rural Plans

Sarv Jana Suraksha Rural Plan

ICICI Pru Sarv Jana Suraksha – A Micro Insurance Plan

  • Life Cover at affordable premiums as low as ₹50
  • Security of your loved ones' future even in your absence

Anmol Bachat Rural Plan

 ICICI Pru Anmol Bachat - Non Linked Micro Insurance Term Plan

  • Savings with comfort of guarantees
  • Protection at affordable cost
  • Flexibility of payment
  • Tax benefits

What are the benefits of a Rural Plan?

Our Rural Plans are designed keeping your needs and convenience in mind. From offering customized protection at low cost to a hassle-free buying process, we play an important role in bringing financial services to you.The important benefits of our Rural Plans are:

  • Lifelong security for yourself and your family at a low premium cost
  • Protection against unforeseen events with a Life Cover

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ICICI Pru Sarv Jan Suraksha (UIN: 105N081V04)


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