As you and your family approach different stages in life, your responsibilities like child’s education, day-to-day expenses, healthcare expenses, and more are bound to increase. In order to ensure that these responsibilities do not become a financial burden, you must plan ahead. A plan offering you guaranteed1 income in the future can be a saviour in this case. Such a plan can offer the much-needed financial security, liquidity, and peace of mind.

The ICICI Pru Guaranteed Income For Tomorrow savings plan offers all this and much more. This plan offers guaranteed1 benefits in a lump sum or through a regular income option.

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Here are the major benefits offered by the plan

Guaranteed1 benefit

You receive guaranteed1 benefits in the form of a lump sum at maturity or through regular income

Life cover4

In-built life cover4 protects the financial future of your family from unfortunate events. This life cover4 may be used as a financial support to meet day-to-day expenses and long-term goals of the family, or to pay off any outstanding debts. Such financial backing will ensure that your family leads a comfortable life

Early income plan option

Under this option, you can choose to pay premiums for 7 or 10 years and you will start receiving regular guaranteed1 income from the year following the purchase of the plan

Save the Date5 feature

Get Guaranteed1 Income when you want it with the Save the Date5 feature

Surrender benefit

If you are not able to continue with the plan for some reason, you can exit the policy with a surrender value. A surrender value is payable if you are not able to continue your policy, provided you have paid the premium for two full years

Policy revival benefit

You also have the option to revive your plan after surrendering it. Under the policy revival benefit, you can revive your policy benefits for their full value within five years from the due date of the first unpaid premium. For this, you will have to pay all the due premiums in lump sum along with added interest before the termination date of the policy

Loan against policy

In case of unexpected financial emergencies, you can take a loan against your plan, if your policy acquires a surrender value. In total, you can apply for a loan amount of up to 80% of the surrender value. This can be helpful in times of a crisis

Tax benefits6

The plan offers tax benefits6 on the premiums paid as well as the benefits received under the Income Tax Act, 1961

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ICICI Pru Guaranteed Income For Tomorrow is a savings-oriented life insurance plan with an added protection benefit and can fit into anybody’s budget and financial plan. The policy ensures that your loved ones stay protected with the in-built life cover4 while your money continues to grow safely. The guaranteed1 benefits offered by the policy give you the much-needed security and peace of mind. Moreover, the surrender benefits, policy revival benefits and the option to take a loan against your surrender value makes the plan flexible and adaptable to life’s changing goals and needs.

1T&C apply

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1 A guaranteed lump sum or regular income will be payable based on the plan option selected.

4 Life insurance cover is the benefit payable on the death of the life assured.

5 Save the Date: You can choose to receive income on any one date succeeding the due date of the first income to coincide with any special date.

6 Tax benefits under the policy are subject to conditions under Sections 80C, 10(10D), 115BAC and other provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Goods and Services Taxes and cesses (if any) will be charged extra, as per applicable rates. The tax laws are subject to amendments from time to time. Please consult your tax advisor for more details.

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