As a salaried individual, you may enjoy a fixed and regular income. This would mean that you receive a fixed amount of money to meet your everyday expenses as well as to fulfil the dreams of your loved ones and yourself. Hence, it becomes important to make investments that are customised for you. Since your income pattern varies from that of a self-employed or a professional, your investment strategy is required to be different. Your investment plan should be among the investment options for a salaried person that have features customised to your earning pattern.

Below are some of the investment plans for salaried employees:


ULIPs combine life insurance with investment. A part of your premium secures your family financially against unforeseen circumstances through a life cover`. The remaining is invested into the capital market through equity, debt or a combination of both, basis your risk appetite. The returns on ULIPs depend upon the performance of your funds in the market. Moreover, you can also avail tax* benefits under Section 80C for the premiums paid.

ICICI Pru Signature ULIP invests your entire premium into the funds of your choice. You can also switch freely between funds at no additional cost. This helps in increasing your profit margin.

Other advantages of this plan include:

  • Return of mortality and policy administration charges at maturity1, to maximise your gains
  • Loyalty rewards in the form of extra units added to your funds for staying invested
  • Choice of four portfolio strategies and a wide range of funds to match your specific investment needs
  • Flexibility to withdraw money from your fund value to supplement your salary through the systematic withdrawal plan2

Endowment Plans

Just like ULIPs, endowment plans are life insurance products offering the dual benefit of savings and protection. These plans are suitable for you in case you have a low-risk appetite as the returns are not market-linked. These plans ensure the growth of your money through assured additions or bonuses at regular intervals. The amount you receive at maturity can help you achieve your life goals such as purchasing a house, your child’s higher education, retirement planning, and more.

ICICI Pru Lakshya Lifelong Income is a protection and savings** oriented endowment plan that provides regular income## with guaranteed capital protection**. This plan ensures the growth of your money through regular additions~ and boosters. It also provides a life cover` until 99 years of age.

** T&C apply

Annuity plans

Under the pension scheme by the Government of India, NPS, you can invest regularly throughout your working years. At retirement, you can withdraw a specific portion of the accumulated funds. The remaining amount is invested in an annuity plan of your choice that generates fixed, regular income in your retirement years. ICICI Pru Guaranteed Pension Plan is one such plan that provides you with guaranteed3 income for your entire life with a wide range of annuity options that can secure the future of you and your loved ones.

3 T&C apply



For a good investment strategy, ensure that your investments suit your income pattern and are aligned with your life goals. Before committing to any financial plan, it is best to assess your investment objectives. It is important to select a plan after fully understanding and comparing the features of the best investment plans for salaried employees.

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Unit Linked products are different from traditional insurance products and are subject to the risk factors. In unit linked policies, the investment risk in the investment portfolio is borne by the policyholder.

1 Amount equal to the total of mortality charges and policy administration charges deducted in the policy will be added back to the fund value at maturity, provided all due premiums have been received. This amount will be allocated among the funds in the same proportion as the value of total units held in each fund at the time of allocation. This shall exclude any extra mortality charges and taxes levied on the charges deducted as per prevailing tax laws. Return of Mortality Charges and Policy Administration Charges are not applicable for the Whole Life option.

2 Unit linked Insurance products do not offer any liquidity during the first five years of the contract. The Policyholder will not be able to surrender/withdraw the monies invested in the unit linked insurance products completely or partially till the end of the fifth year.

3 A guaranteed lump sum or regular income will be payable based on the plan option selected.

## Regular income is a combination of Guaranteed income and a cash bonus. Guaranteed Income will be set at policy inception. A Cash Bonus is a proportion of the Sum Assured on Maturity.

** Sum Assured on Maturity is equal to your total contribution throughout the policy term.

~ Bonus may be declared annually from the first year as ‘Regular Additions’ and will be a percentage of the ‘Sum Assured on Maturity’. Terminal Bonus may be declared by the Company and will be payable at policy maturity or on death.

* Tax benefits under the policy are subject to conditions under Sections 80C, 80D, 10(10D), 115BAC and other provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Goods and Services Tax and Cesses, if any, will be charged extra as per prevailing rates. Tax laws are subject to amendments made thereto from time to time. Please consult your tax advisor for more details.

` Life Cover is the benefit payable on death of the life assured during the policy term.

ICICI Pru Signature (unit-linked non-participating individual life insurance plan) - UIN:

ICICI Pru Lakshya Lifelong Income (UIN: )

ICICI Pru Guaranteed Pension Plan (UIN: )


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